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The New Standard
in Estate Sharing

Where Your Legacy Finds Its Way Home

In times of loss, families often struggle to locate critical documents.


With Latch's digital platform, our members can proactively centralize, and automate the sharing of essential documents and information. Our members enjoy the privilege of knowing when the time comes, their family will not have to rummage through papers, guess passwords, or deal with customer service. They will be well-equipped with all financial, legal and estate information to live out the legacy intended for them

Lowering your families burden of Loss

Creating lasting guidance

Create a Latch

In your secure Latch, add and centralize documents, such as estate planning files, policies or business plans. Include accounts such as banking information or social media with instructions on what should happen to them. Share contact information such as caregivers, vendors, and estate attorney,

Share when your ready

You have control over how and when you share the Latch. Save and share it when it's convenient for you. You can choose a specific day, or you can opt for our check-in service to confirm whether the Latch should be sent out. When you're ready, we'll promptly send it to the recipients you've selected.

Assign beneficiary 

You can privately share each Latch with one or more individuals. Beneficiaries will only be notified about the Latch if you choose to inform them.

What is the importance of centralizing your estate and legacy documents?


of children do not where their parents estate documents are


Of family assets are seized by the government annually because they are abandon

15 hours

The average amount of time family spend looking for EACH legal document 


Of life insurance is unclaimed because families are unaware it exist


The Latch team is thrilled to have spent years developing a product we're proud of and precisely what our members desire. Discover more about your Latch experience below.

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Contacts & Password

Life is more than just files. Add important contacts like your kids doctors, passwords for your online accounts, and add clear instructions on what needs to be done,

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Controlled Sharing

We believe in sharing information when you are ready, and that timing may not be today. With Latch, you can decide WHEN your Latch is shared. Simply choose a date that suits you best.

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Last Words

There are still things waiting to be created, which is why we've established a journal section. Use it to include final notes for your loved ones

Abstract Sculpture


While you've compiled this Latch for your family, you may prefer that they don't know it's on the way. That's why your family is never notified of a Latch until they receive it.

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Upload and store every vital file and document you've created for your family's future, such as house deeds, wills, and tax papers

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Unlike wills, which can be made public, Latchs are never compelled to be made public. Therefore, feel free to share those words that you may never otherwise reveal.

Your family deserved peace during the most vulnerable time for your family 

Contemplating the future can be daunting, especially imagining how your family will handle it. However, you've spent years preparing for this, saving, working, writing, and documenting your family's legacy. Latch is here to offer you a secure space to store all of this and when the time is right, we'll deliver everything to your family. With Latch, they can cherish your memory without the added stress of the logistical, knowing you've taken steps to make their lives easier during a vulnerable time.

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