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Estate Planners

New parents using Latch find immense value in creating two separate Latches: one designated for their children's godparents and another exclusively for their children. The godparent's Latch typically houses up-to-date medical records, financial information, details about their children's teachers, and other pertinent day-to-day information. On the other hand, the children's Latch is utilized for storing important financial entitlements such as 529 college applications, family history, legacy information, and updated last words. This thoughtful arrangement not only fosters a sense of connection between parents and children but also ensures that children gain insight into their family's legacy and values, even in the absence of their parents.

Financial Advisors

Business owners often express concerns about the succession of their family business, prompting us to recommend a dedicated Latch with three key sections. Firstly, the Relationships section allows owners to upload contracts, best practices, and contact information for individuals who may owe the business favors. Secondly, the Business Property Information section caters to smaller companies without a formal business continuity plan, where owners can upload property details reserved for specific individuals. Lastly, the Roadmap section encourages owners to upload future plans and undisclosed information critical for the company's future, reflecting their lifelong dedication to mapping out the business's trajectory.

Corporate Benefits

Preventative Measures

Active-duty personnel often use Latch to share their daily stories and experiences with their families, especially when they don't have the opportunity to chat every day. Latch allows soldiers to securely store and document their adventures, challenges, and triumphs during their service, fostering a sense of connection and closeness despite the distance. Latch serves as a digital archive of memories, ensuring that important moments are preserved and cherished by both the soldier and their family members.

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We collaborate with content creators to ensure they designate beneficiaries in Latch who securely hold their login information for their social media platforms. This arrangement enables them to carry on monetizing or removing content according to their wishes even after their passing, offering peace of mind and continuity in their digital presence.

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