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At Blanketed, we deeply understand the importance of preparation for yourself and your family. Planning ahead not only provides peace of mind but also brings financial savings and grants you control over the trajectory of your life.
Our mission at Blanketed is to develop innovative products and solutions that facilitate this preparation process. We aim to provide individuals and families with the tools they need to navigate end-of-life planning efficiently and effectively.

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Your Latch : 
Data Repository 

Starting with our first and most beloved product, Your Latch, the data repository. Your Latch was built out of necessity.

Individuals across America were accumulating so many things - RSUs, photos, bank accounts, memories, and stories - that needed to be stored in one affordable place.

Historically, you would have one place for all your passwords and another for your important contacts, yet there was no way to share them with your family. That's when Your Latch arrived. We realized that in the event of our passing, we wouldn't want our spouses, children, and parents struggling to log into numerous accounts to recover important information while grieving. So, we continuously refined our platform until it became the cornerstone of our focus.

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Semic is a public profile curated by the individual, housing contact information, emergency contacts, and medical information chosen for sharing. This public profile is accessed through a customized QR code, that can be engraved on different items like rings, necklaces, wallets, or even ideally (temporarily) tattooed on the skin.

Semic's goal is to assist users when they are unable to communicate or are unconscious, intending to reduce the number of unidentified individuals. Semic has partnered with organizations such as women's shelters, new parents, at-risk teens, and elderly adults to ensure that if someone goes missing, they can be identified promptly. By scanning the QR code, responders can access the person's public profile, enabling them to make informed decisions and provide appropriate assistance. It's important to emphasize that Semic's system does not involve tracking; instead, it provides a secure and controlled means for individuals to share essential information with others.

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Semic : 
Public Profile

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